Artist Statment


In this portfolio entitled “Work 1”, I examined relationships between people.
I was especially interested in how loneliness and isolation could persist within a relationship.
I created these photographs in locations I sought out around southern Tel Aviv,
Seeking spaces that combined beauty and isolation. I capture these scenes, and next, to further visualize relationships, I begin to sketch the placement of models within these spaces prior to bringing the individuals to the location for production. 
The scenes I set up project into these already charged spaces.
Many of my compositions project my own state of mind at the time.
Some depict scenes I observed elsewhere – for example, a scene I witnessed in
The New York City subway, then recreated for this project within the chosen setting.
The models in most of the scenes are, cast as either people I knew or had imagined,
Superimposing elements of fact and fiction, document and artifice, authenticity and faking
Reality for the viewer.
Each completed photograph tells a complete story.